What we do?

We provide an integrated service to promoters, investors, banking sector and the government. We have a highly qualified professional team, who will provide solutions to all your needs and which includes lawyers, accountants, architects, builders, financial institutions, topographers, engineers, among others.

As a real estate project manager, we administrate and guarantee high satisfaction standards.

RI PROJECT MANAGER achieves its success thanks to the union of associates, strategic partners, investors, advisors, financial and real estate experts.

We have high standards of satisfaction and quality for all our customers.

Our Business Areas

Our business areas include:

  • Residential complexes of buildings and housing estates
  • Commercial complexes
  • Industrial complexes
  • Office buildings
  • Civil works
  • City, beach and mountain residential complexes
  • Other areas in the real estate sector also working with this type of product for Banks and Governments, since we are really experts of the project manager in all the rubles of the real estate sector.

How We do it?

RI PROJECT MANAGER has been able to achieve all its success thanks to the union of collaborators, strategic partners, investors, advisors, financiers and real estate experts, managing and administering hundreds of millions of dollars.

We have high standards of satisfaction and quality for who our clients will be.

We offer first class security and confidentiality, with highly qualified work teams, using technological innovations, for more information on our clients.

RI Project Manager

Contact Information

RI Group Tower, Obarrio 53rd East Street, 11 th floor, Panama, Panama City

Phone Numbers:

(507) 395-3659



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